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11/18/07 SCMA is proud to welcome Shaolin Practioner Yan Wei to the South Coast Family. A native of Zhengzhou, Henan China (Renowned birthplace of the martial arts) Yan Wei is a teacher and athlete holding numerous awards for his martial prowess.  He recently moved to SCMA and will be available for group and private training...

11/17/07 We will be co-hosting a seminar next Friday (the 23rd) with master level Wushu coach & Jet Li's teacher Wu Bin.

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11/16/07 Next Fight night to be held December 22nd. Help spread the word

11/15/07 Video Sampler posted of SCMA's 15 year anniversary show. "Legend of the Seven Elements" Check it out.

11/12/07 Congratulations to Amanda for winning her match this past weekend.


Welcome to South Coast Martial Arts!

South Coast Martial Arts school was founded in 1993 on the principles of teaching excellence and developing positive role models, under rich traditions from a variety of different martial arts.

Regardless of your skill or fitness level, our training center has something for you. Click around our site to check us out. SCMA has over 20 Instructors and personal trainers specializing in different areas of fitness and martial arts. We are also home to South Coast Kickboxing, Joe Moreira's Jiu-jitsu of Brazil, EMC Monkeys, Zhao Qin Weapon and Wushu Instruction, and Life Turn Weight Loss Clinic.

Whether you're seeking weight loss, a championship belt, personal defense, body building, the high flying acrobatics of sport martial arts, or simply a good workout, we have a program for you. Welcome To South Coast Martial Arts!

Dedicated to empowering and bringing forth the athletes and champion inside all who desire to accomplish their goals in life through hard work and dedication.

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