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Classes Schedules

Fall 2007 Class Schedules
South Coast Martial Arts and It's partners have many conveniently scheduled classes throughout the day. Check out our schedules to find a program that fits you. If you need more flexible hours or personal training, go ahead and call us and one of our staff members will be glad to answer your questions.
Upcoming Events
  • Wu Bin Martial Arts Seminar 2007 We will be co-hosting a seminar next Friday (the 23rd) with master level Wushu coach & Jet Li's teacher Wu Bin. Get the flyer

  • The Battle Continues (Dec 22nd) South Coast Kickboxing will host another fight night and fundraiser

  • 2008 SCMA Intensive Training Camp-This spring SCMA will play host to a seven day intensive training camp designed to be a total immersion live in martial arts program. Members will practice, and refine new skills each day for 6 to 8 hours of daily practice. Open to all youth practitioners.

  • 2008 EMC Stunt and Acrobatics Training Camp

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