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Kickboxing Class Info

Kickboxing for fitness Nothing beats our Kickboxing classes for relieving stress, keeping your mind focused and your body fit. Our classes will firm and tone all of your muscles including a dynamic, stomach flattening, ab and thigh routine. At every class you'll learn new moves, develop strength, confidence and agility with a non-stop mix of the best boxing and kickboxing moves.

Kickboxing Class Schedule

Traditional Kickboxing and boxing If you want to learn to defend yourself, spar, compete, or simply get into the best shape ever. You'll learn footwork, fighting combinations, countering maneuvers, blocking and parrying techniques, traditional drills and conditioning methods. Learn practical and devastating moves from instructors who have actually been in the ring.

American Kenpo


In the martial arts field Kenpo is one of the most respected stand up systems. Whether your opponent were to attack with a punch, a kick, a choke, a club, a knife or gun etc., Kenpo teaches you practical and devastating techniques to counter attacks in the real world utilizing natural weapons of the body, such as hands, feet, elbows, and knees.  More importantly, the lessons learned in KENPO have many developmental benefits for children such as increase in strength, coordination, physical endurance, increased attention spans, and confidence. It provides a basis for the physical and mental skills necessary for survival at home, school, and in-between. With the confidence gained from KENPO KARATE training, children learn that they can rely on their personal integrity and knowledge as they accept the responsibilities of later life. Kenpo Class Schedule


Zhao Qin (Weapons & Wushu)

Practicing Martial Arts is a way of being part of a heritage and tradition dating back thousands of years. The practice of Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts) reflects the cultural climate, understanding of the body, the philosophy, and concept of warfare arising at a historical point in time. Classes teach and develop a wide variety of physical skills beneficial to any young athlete. From traditional martial arts and acrobatics to endurance and conditioning. Weapons & Wushu Class Schedule

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is one of the most respected martial arts of today. Created in the early 1900's and refined through the generations, Jiu-jitsu has become an important part of training for all NHB fighters. SCMA's Brazilian Jiu-jitsu coach is 7th Degree Black Belt, Professor Joe Moreira. One of the few true masters of the art, Mr. Moreira is known as one of the few great fighters and coaches, who has continually produced some of the best athletes in freestyle competition. Class Schedule

EMC Monkeys (Martial Arts Stunts and Acrobatics)

The brainchild of Xin Sarith Wuku made possible with the help of Jonathan Phan and Andy Mai, Evolved Monkey Combat was created in 2001 for the sole purpose of entertaining the masses through martial artistry. Breaking away from the traditional punch/kick demos of yesterday, the EMC emphasize training in a unique hybrid system that develops skills of Kungfu, Kickboxing, Tae Kwon do and Acrobatics along with live action combat and stunts. EMC Classes


Weights and Other Personal Options

Just want to pump Iron? Want to add strength to your punch and define your muscles? Our weight room is available for use throughout the day and evening. We feature a variety of exercise equipment that will work you from head to toe, including cable machines, free weights, treadmills, life rower and life cycles. Personal weight training and special prices on weight room only memberships are also available. Use of our weight room is included in any of our memberships.

South Coast Martial Arts:  (714) 545-5759

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