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South Coast Martial Arts and it's members in the media.

Current Media Articles (Legend of the Seven Elements)
Video Sampler from South Coast Martial Arts 15 Year anniversary show, entitled "Legend of the Seven Elements" Featuring the South Coast Martial Arts Performing Team, Teachers & Friends


Written by Mathew Catcho, Choreographed by Philip Sahagun


Kung Fu Zhi Xing Videos (Downloads & Web broadcasts)
From September to November 06' Our weapons coach Philip Sahagun took a two month trip to China for training and competition. While there he took a part in "K-STAR" China's first and largest televised global martial arts competition aimed to discover the next martial arts superstar. Out of over 100,000 applicants Philip managed to place second in the competition and went on to tour many cities of China, performing for the likes of Pepsi Cola, Shenzhen TV, CCTV and even the 1,500 year old Shaolin Temple, renowned birthplace of the martial arts. After the K-STAR competition, he also traveled to the 2nd World Traditional Wushu Festival in Zhengzhou earning first place in the flexible weapons category. Check out some of the media articles below to learn of his extraordinary travels...

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2nd World Traditional Wushu Festival (Zhengzhou, China)
The World Traditional Wushu Championships is part of a week long festival held every two years in the city of Zhengzhou. Attracting enormous amount of global competitors and even more spectators. The Festival is covered heavily by Chinese media and has been called by some as the equivalent of the Wushu Olympics. SCMA weapons coach Philip Sahagun competed in the flexible weapons category of the tournament earning First Place for his bullwhip performance. Below is some media from opening ceremonies. The first 20 minutes may be a little slow but skip forward to check out the spectacle featuring many wushu performances and also performances from many hit recording artists from all over Asia.


SCMA members past demonstrations and Appearances
Past Articles
EMC Samplers 
South Coast Martial Arts is proud second home of Xin Sarith and the popular tricking group EMC monkeys. Check out our friends samplers in direct streaming video.

Anime Expo 06'
Sebastian Castellanos, Philip and Nicole Sahagun appear as special guests performing as members of the popular Bleach anime for the opening and closing of the Anime Expo Night Show 2006 for an audience of over 10,000. Double Fan, Three section staff (half form)Bullwhip &Tongzi gong.


Once again Sebastian Castellanos and Philip Sahagun perform for Anime Expo 2006 Masquerade // "What happens when kung fu and late night anime mix" Many elite performers from all over the US come together under the name, Anything Goes School of Martial Arts. Philip and Sebastian perform as the closing performers. Please enjoy the show presented in 5 parts (Bullwhip and Tongzi gong)

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