SCMA is proud to welcome XIN and the EMC Monkey's

Who are the EMC? An overview

The brainchild of XIN Sarith Wuku and made possible by Jonathan Phan, Evolved Monkey Combat was created in 2001 for the sole purpose of entertaining the masses through martial artistry. breaking away from the traditional punch/kick demos of yesterday, Evolved Monkey Combat emphasized live action combat. With the perfect mix of fantasy choreography, bone breaking stunts, comedic scenarios and total disregard for their own safety. they had found the formula for sucess!! Borrowing from the theory that man evolved from apes, XIN believed he and his brothers descended from monkeys instead. Nimble, mischievious and fun loving, they were a new breed of martial artist. All of the old school mojo ... with a splash of new school attitude.

A fateful meeting in 2004 at Costa Mesa's Gym Max brought the Monkeys face to face with another team of outstanding martial artist. These talented Cambodians were called, Flung Dung. Already having made a name for themselves in there community, the team consisted of Malay Kim, Jimmy Oun, and Thourn Heng. Finding common ground in their love for martial arts and entertaining, the 2 teams fused into what we all know today as, EMC Martial Arts for Hire! That year EMC swept across college campuses, festivals, and parades gaining noteriety but still only within the boundries of southern California. It wasn't until the mega hit video "Ninja For Hire" hit the internet did EMC begin to gain worldwide attention. Then it was hit after hit with "Rooftop Duel", Monkey MAgic", "the Phone Call".... it seemed the fans just couldn't get enough of EMC. Fan mail would pour in from all over the world. The U.S., Germany, England, Canada, South East Asia etc. Like a virus, EMC had quickly spread and infected millions of people. And the way things are going for them, it seems there will be millions more to come.

It seems the path to sucess has been laid out before the Monkeys, it's only a matter of going forth and taking the right steps now. Jonathan aspires to go mainstream with his acting and maybe even singing. Combined with his Martial talents, he'll be a triple threat! Malay is content with being the creative genius in the background. As long as he gets paid and credit is given where credit is due, he's a happy man. XIN sees the influence he and EMC have on the world and realizes it's huge potential. Influenced by his idol, Jackie Chan and his good deeds, he too wants to help the world. XIN's goal is to open EMC Academys on every continent to help underpriveleged kids. Not only will these schools teach Martial Arts, but also math, science, literature, calligraphy, archery... by instilling the morals and values found in Martial Arts, XIN believes the youth will grow into outstanding adults which in turn will make the world a better place.

The dream of an EMC Academy has already begun to manifest! After meeting with the fine folks of South Coast Martial Arts and realizing that they have the same goals of helping the youth, plans are underway for the Monkeys to call it there new home. A place to train their bodies, sharpen their skills AND teach future generations of ninja monkeys. To check out the facility, please call (714) 557-5455 or visit

More info will be released on class schedules and when the very first EMC training camp will be, so sit tight! On second thought, get out there! give it all, train hard and live free!!

Taken from the EMC website:

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